BCS 770 HY PowerSafe

New hydrostatic two-wheel tractor

BCS 770 HY PowerSafe

New hydrostatic two-wheel tractor BCS 770 HY Powersafe

BCS presents in 2018 its first two-wheel tractor with hydrostatic forward motion transmission that can be continuously adjusted with 2-speed ranges.

With one lever only on the handlebar, the operator can continuously vary the speed and direction of the machine: this means an unlimited amount of gears are available for all operating requirements.


Changing direction hasn't ever been so easy


High range Volcan K105 series tractors drive can be equipped with the exclusive electronically-operated reverser, with EasyDrive® electronic handling.

The comfortable reverser lever on the left of the steering wheel allows the operator to reverse the driving direction without lifting the hands from the steering wheel and without using the clutch pedal, while keeping the vehicle control at all times and working comfortably.

BCS has always been synonymous with machinery for mowing grass and the experience gained through the years, constantly and continuously confronting with its clients, has allowed to produce a top quality product appreciated throughout the world.

On this context, anticipating the requirements of the new generation, BCS has produced a range of cutter bars for motor-mowers and two-wheel tractors named “Laser®”, which means perfect and accurate cut.