BCS Belgium

Over more than 20 years, induma is representing the brand BCS on the Belgian market.

Thousands of clients all over the world work with BCS machines like there are tractors, two wheel tractors and its attachments, mowers, haymaking machines, cutter bars, rotary tillers, …

The machines can be used everywhere which means for private owners but also for professional users. Furthermore BCS stands for quality and correct price setting.

Induma knows more than anybody else that the mission of the manufacturer is providing machines to all users in order to facilitate the work. BCS ensures reliability, safety and comfort of all its machines. Also, respecting and protecting the environment has always been a constant in the way of thinking.

You will realize that INDUMA is providing all its clients with expert advice, according your needs.

A local dealer network is at your disposal.


BCS was founded in 1943, out of a simple intuition of Luigi Castoldi, its brilliant founder.

His first business revolved around a tiny workshop in Abbiategrasso, a town on the outskirts of Milan; the area still maintains a strong agricultural tradition: all the work, sowing and reaping was done with the farmers' own hands.

Hence the idea to design and manufacture a self-propelled mowing machines, among the first in the world, equipped with an internal combustion engine with low power: thus the model '243' was born, representing a revolution in the agricultural world of that time thanks both to its great production capacity and the concrete improvement it made in farmers' lives.

In his project, the Engineer Luigi Castoldi involved Camillo Bonetti, a manager at the tax authority of Abbiategrasso, and Severino Speroni, an excellent mechanic. The abbreviation 'BCS' comes from the initials of their surnames.

At the end of the '60s, BCS entered the field of lawn maintenance with the construction of the first 'light' and smaller multi-function two-wheel tractors for a market in which, until then, there had only been expensive and bulky machines.

Since 1970, to meet the growing demand for increased productivity in agriculture, rotary disks were introduced for tractors.

In 2000, the Engineer Fabrizio Castoldi, the son of the founder, took his father's place at the helm of the company and became the new president of the Company.

Today the BCS Group is a leading multinational company in the mechanization sector. It designs and manufactures agricultural machinery and for greens maintenance, machines for autonomous electrical energy production and for mobile welding.

The BCS Group has three production plants in Italy (Abbiategrasso, Luzzara and Cusago) certified under ISO 9001 and has a presence in every continent with sales offices and distributors.