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706 SmartSafe

Reversible two-wheel tractor with mechanical transmission and SmartSafe clutch in oil bath.

706 SmartSafe is a small two-wheel tractor with extremely low weight and dimensions, ideal for easily working on small private orchards and gardens or in tight spaces.

Tillage, grass cutting or snow removal are just some of the requirements that even the hobby-farmer can safely meet.


Model Power KW/HP Starter
Genkins GK210 4,4 / 5,9 Recoil


Technical Features

  • Transmission Mechnical
  • No. of speeds (FWD/REV): 1+1
  • Quick reverser of the forwarding direction: No
  • Clutch: SmartSafe, mechanically operated with multiple discs in oil bath
  • Differential: No
  • PTO Power take-off: independent from gearbox at 990 rpm with engagement in oil bath
  • Working brakes: No
  • Parking brake: No
  • Implement quick hitch: In option
  • Handlebar: Mounted on silent-blocks, adjustable in height, sideways and reversible
  • Safety devices: Complying with the applicable regulations


Dimensions and Weight


  • with wheels 3.50-8 (without attachment) - (A) Width : 410 mm - (B) Length : 1.544 mm
  • Weight GK 210 engine, wheels 3.50-8 : 64 kg


Driving position

driving position

  • Handlebar mounted on silent block to reduce vibrations to the advantage of operating comfort.
  • Height adjustable driving handlebars to adapt to the physical structure of the user, and adjustable sideways to manoeuvre the two-wheel tractor without stepping on the recently worked ground.
  • 180° reversibility of the driving handlebars for use the two-wheel tractor with both rear and front attachments.
  • Ergonomic controls and rationally positioned for quick familiarisation with the machine.



  • Forward motion of the machine only allowed by keeping the red safety lever activated.
  • Immediate stop of the machine and attachment if the handlebar is released and dual action system for safe work resumption.
  • With rear attachments: disengagement of the PTO when engaging reverse gear.


SmartSafe Clutch in oil bath


Simplicity at the service of reliability

The unique SmartSafe clutch with mechanically actuated multiple discs in oil bath, guarantees not only maximum reliability but also greater simplicity and economy.