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630 WS PowerSafe

Motor mower with mechanical transmission and PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch.

630 WS PowerSafe® is a professional motor mower designed for farmers who use it intensively, especially in the mountains, for cutting grass and haymaking activities.

Thanks to the steering clutches that act independently on the two wheels, it is extremely easy to handle even on rough and sloping ground.


The advanced axle equipped with:

  • final gear cascade reduction units for better adherence to the ground
  • steering clutches with combined brake control for better manoeuvrability
makes the “WS” versions highly efficient in the steepest conditions.



Engine Fuel Starter Power HP
Honda GX340 Alps Gasoline Recoil 11
Kohler KD350 Diesel Recoil 8
Yanmar L100V Diesel Recoil 10


Dimensions and Weight


  • with wheels 5.00x10 (without attachment) - (A) Width : 889 mm - (B) Length : 1.251 mm
  • with wheels 5.00x10 twin (without attachment) - (A) Width : 1.169 mm - (B) Length : 1.251 mm
  • with wheels 5.00x10 + Super Bite (without attachment) - (A) Width : 1.159 mm - (B) Length : 1.251 mm
  • with wheels 21x11.00-8 Terra Tyre (without attachment) - (A) Width : 1.060 mm - (B) Length : 1.251 mm
  • with wheels 20x8.00-8 Lug Tyre (without attachment) - (A) Width : 889 mm - (B) Length : 1.251 mm
  • with wheels 20x8.00-8 Garden (without attachment) - (A) Width : 889 mm - (B) Length : 1.251 mm
  • with Steel wheels 3x300 (without attachment) - (A) Width : 1.069 mm - (B) Length : 1.251 mm
  • with Steel wheels 4x400 (without attachment) - (A) Width : 1.229 mm - (B) Length : 1.251 mm
  • Weight GX 340 Alps engine, wheels 5.00x10 : 120 kg
  • Weight KD 350 engine, wheels 5.00x10 : 122 kg
  • Weight L100V engine, wheels 5.00x10: 142 kg


Technical Features

speed 630 ws ps

  • Transmission: Mechanical
  • No. of speeds FWD/REV: 3 + 3
  • Quick reverser: yes
  • Gearbox: cast-iron reinforced
  • Clutch: PowerSafe, with multiple disc in oil bath
  • Differential: Steering clutches combined with brakes
  • PTO: independent at 990 rpm with engagement in oil bath
  • Reduction units: Cascade of gears in oil bath on the two wheels
  • Working brakes: Steering clutch/brake assembly on the two wheels
  • Parking brakes: yes
  • Driving position with height and side adjustable handlebar mounted on shock absorbers to reduce vibrations
  • Safety devices: Compying with the applicable regulations


Honda Alps motor for steep slopes

Thanks to specific technical solutions, the Honda Alps gasoline engines make it possible to work even on slopes exceeding a 30-degree gradient without loss of performance or any failures.


Driving Position

  • Handlebar mounted on silent block to reduce vibrations to the advantage of operating comfort
  • Height adjustable driving handlebars to adapt to the physical structure of the user, and adjustable sideways to also manoeuvre the motor mower on slopes
  • Ergonomic controls and rationally positioned for quick familiarisation with the machine.
  • Quick reverser to quickly change the direction of the machine at any speed.
  • Lever-operated steering controls situated on either side of the handlebar grips



  • Forward motion of the machine only allowed by keeping the red safety lever activated
  • Immediate stop of the machine and attachment if the handlebar is released and dual action system for safe work resumption
  • Independent steering clutch/brake assembly on the two wheels
  • Lever parking brake acting on both wheels


Steering Clutches

steering clutches 630 ws ps

Easy to manoeuvre in total safety

Using the brake levers located at the sides of the handlebar grip, the original mechanism independently controls the steering brake-clutch units housed in closed casings on the two wheels.


PowerSafe hydraulic Clutch


Unique and inimitable

The exclusive PowerSafe clutch with hydraulically-operated multiple steel disc in oil bath, not only guarantees maximum reliability but also greater operational comfort, safety and high performance in any conditions of use.