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Matra 350

Multi-functional greens maintenance machine with hydrostatic transmission - 44 HP

The Ma.Tra. 350 is a multi-functional greens maintenance machine with 4-wheel drive designed for the maintenance of gardens, both public and private, and for all municipal gardening work.

Thanks to a complete range of professional equipments, the Ma.Tra. 350 can be used all year round.

Easy handling, limited turning radius, a comfortable driving position and ultimate stability even on steep slopes and slippery surfaces ensure high performance in all conditions of use.

The Ma.Tra. 350 is equipped with a Yanmar 4-cylinder 2.2-litre aspirated diesel engine capable of producing 44 HP of power. The silent blocks on which it is mounted, along with the adjustment to 2,400 rpm, allow for a considerable reduction in vibrations and noise.

The self-cleaning screen radiator guarantees both the water and the hydraulic oil are cooled to perfection. A specific sensor automatically reverses the rotation of the cooling fan to clean any dust and grass cutting from the intake grilles.


Model Fuel Power HP No. of cylinders Displacement (cm3) Cooling
Yanmar 4TNV88 Diesel 44 4 2190 Water




The transmission has a single speed range, from 0 to 20 km/h, and it ensures high performance and notable hourly output levels.

The four independent hydraulic motors mounted on the wheels allow the machine to operate with ease, even on steep slopes.

Maximum traction and safety in all operating and grip conditions are guaranteed by the automatic differential lock that enables all four driving wheels to have grip at all times, even with the machine fully steered.

The ground clearance is 18 cm and the pivoting rear axle allow the Ma.Tra. 350 to overcome pavement curbs and bumps smoothly.

The PTO clutch is hydraulic multi-disc with built-in blade brake. The electro-hydraulic controlled engagement is independent from that of the intake turbine.


Driving position

driving position

The driving position is generously-proportioned and comfortable, with a professional sprung seat and armrests and all the controls within easy reach.

The steering wheel, which operates the rear wheels, is equipped with hydro-guide and it can be adjusted in height and inclination.

The Ma.Tra. 350 is equipped as standard with folding roll-bar, seat belts and lighting system approved for road traffic.

A cab with ventilation and heating or air conditioning is available as an optional.


Grass collector

grass collector

The grass intake system comprises a large turbine that ensures maximum output even in special usage conditions with thick and wet grass. The hydraulic engagement of the turbine is independent from that of the PTO.

The grass collector has a real capacity of 1,000 litres (inside gross capacity of 1,200 litres). A mobile deflector situated inside it ensures it is filled evenly.

The hydraulic tilting at a height of 210 cm and the 50 cm rear overhang make it possible to optimise grass discharge onto the supporting vehicle container.

When the grass collector is full, the lawn mower blades and the intake turbine both stop automatically.