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Matra 140

Heavy-duty lawn mower with hydrostatic transmission - 16 HP

The Ma.Tra. 140 is the ideal hydrostatic heavy-duty mower to respond effectively to the requirements of private owners and professional maintenance workers who need to have a machine that is comfortable, performing and safe when mowing and cutting grass and bushes in unkempt areas.

The Ma.Tra. 140 has a center of gravity that is especially low, to allow safe mowing even when working on steep slopes or uneven ground, in addition to being the ideal tool for work under foliage.

The high-performance Briggs & Stratton 16 HP two-cylinder petrol engine, the efficient and responsive steering combined with the driving comfort and the machine's operating speed make the Ma.Tra. 140 the work companion you simply can't do without.


Model Fuel Power HP No. of cylinders Displacement (cm3) Cooling
Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Gasoline 16 2 479 Air




The Ma.Tra. 140 is equipped with a single range hydrostatic transmission with lever operation which can reach a speed of 0-9.5 km/h forward and 0-7.5 km/h in reverse.

The pedal-operated differential lock provides better grip for the driving wheels on steep slopes or particularly uneven ground.

Electromagnetic PTO clutch with blade brake and automatic release when the heavy-duty mower is lifted in movement position to overcome obstacles or bumps.


Driving position

driving position

The comfortable driving position features controls that have been ergonomically arranged for easy access along with a sprung seat with armrests to make operation enjoyable and untiring even after several hours.

The steering wheel controls the front wheels and guarantees a turning radius of just 485 mm for mowing in confined spaces and around trees.


Active and passive safety

active and passive safety

The reduced height above the ground and the perfect weight distribution over the axles with the under-belly heavy-duty mower placed exactly between the 4 wheels with slip-proof tread, make the Ma.Tra. 140 extremely stable and safe even when used on the steepest slopes.

The pedal-operated service brakes control the front wheels, whereas the lever-operated parking brake controls the rear axle.